Making Video Work in Your Newsroom:

It's not easy to keep video in the forefront of your newsroom strategy. As an editor, how do you keep the focus on adding video, and what topics are better than others? And as a reporter, how do you produce quick-hit videos getting the best quality from their phones or basic cameras? Tim Schmitt leads a discussion about moving your video strategy forward.


Living Streaming Video and Social Video:

Live streaming video is being used for breaking news, election programming, music and arts programming and more. Mobile apps like Facebook Live, IGTV, Periscope, Livestream and StreamYard make streaming live video easy and accessible. Learn to use the best apps, shoot the best video, get quality audio and how to interact with viewers during your broadcast.


Using Good Old Photoshop in New Ways:

Old habits die hard. When it comes to working faster and getting better results, it's time to try to break the old production habits and learn new ways. Photoshop has so many improvements that we are often surprised by how to rethink the way we work on photos.
Russell Viers wants us to put the past behind us and look at new ways to get better results and start using the new versions of our old friend Photoshop.


Photoshop Tips and Tricks:

Most people work WAY too hard at adjusting in Photoshop and there are tools and techniques that make it easy, quick and give you better quality than what you might be getting right now. This isn't new to CC 2018, either. Nope...these tools have been around for a while, but hidden away so most people don't know to use them.
Some of what you'll learn: how to adjust multiple images simultaneously (better than Actions), how to balance color with a click...or fine-tune with two simple sliders (goodbye Color Balance or Variations), convert photos to black and white in a click, but still control contrast, shadows, and adjust specific colors to shades of grey, save the same images as both color AND black and white, resize images during save, crop multiple images with focal length simultaneously (image cropping 500 portraits at once), and much, much more!